Everything Apart From Coloured Leg Warmers

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

waddya think??!(i think avantika will h8 it, cz of the theme..?!))

he creeps out from beneath
pain, with ever drop,
a shying sensation
that never seems to stop
i let him flow right on
so i know he is in me
so im reassured he's inside me
and that im not empty
i need to feel the feeling
that hurt only he can give
that srings when he emerges,
proving that on the outside i live.


Blogger r.i.p.black-echo said...

i made a couple of mistakes typing that out...sorry! uh...its not shying sensation....its stinging sensation...

and its not srings...its springs...

and its not i live....but i STILL live....kay?!
srry im rubbish at this!

6:36 AM  
Blogger a.v.koshy said...

yeah it's good to correct the typos -

12:07 PM  

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