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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Because I am the world's most asinine procrastinator, and because I have a fetish for constructive criticism, I will post yet another poem. Be warned. It's mushy and, though I am now terrifically ashamed about who I had dedicated it to, the poem still holds some sentimental value, and I quite like it.

Silence whence, in Silence hence

Recall I times when you were all
That fed my will to live.
When just to hear my name being called
By you the world I'd give.

Is this the crux that call they love?
That breaks the strongest man?
Be this my saviour from above?
Or Satan's marring hand?

The favour that you felt for me
I feared was all I had -
So from allurement did I flee
'Fore it condemned me mad.

I ken you curse me for the cut
Uncalled of friendship's ties,
But who in deserts thirst can shut
When forth the salty ocean lies?

And in answer to your sentiments of hate,
I give you sentiments of ill-expressed love,
And always will.

Silence whence, in silence hence.
I wish people would give me poems like that! :-(


Blogger a.v.koshy said...

you astound me . your rare felicity with words and all that. and have no fear . i wouldn't give up my heterosexuality for anything. especially after watching the film i watched yesterday

10:25 AM  

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