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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


My English teacher would never do something like this. Then again, my English teacher spends her class ignoring all of her students aside of one arbitrarily selected victim who must keep up with her on why Coleridge is God incarnate.

Oh yeah, and if anyone asks what I'm doing here, chose between the two answers of "Keshava invited me!" and "well, I did do my homework...last week's that is".


Oh, sleep! Why don't you bugger off?
You've left me with a cold and cough,
A nasty back, a near-missed bus
Forgive me as I cuss, i cuss

Oh hello miss, you know I like
That plastic smile! Go take hike.
Oh hi bus-mate, I hope your ass
Is covered well, if you're to last [slant the 'a', obnoxious I know, but just do it]. [My school's on Sarjapur road, for reference].

The way my teachers stare at me,
It seems as though I have a bee
That copulates. Atop my head.
Perhaps I ought to go to bed.

Oh P.E. class! A welcome change!
Except my head is acting strange.
It wants to play with little stones
That tend to damage ankle bones.

I limped for the remaining day.
With both legs, and to my dismay
On Thursday I must run, and run
Cross country! Oh, what fun. What fun.

A lovely day now doncha think?
My foot is now both doused in stink
And doused in lukewarm water while
The nile the nile the nile the nile [Impeccable rhythm and rhyme. Wow, I'm a genius!]

And...I'll stop. 6:31 and I started at...6:07ish...24 minutes for the poem. Hm. Well, that sucks, since an inordinate amount of time was spent wrestling with "go take a hike" in the seconds paragraph and the erratic rhythm caused by "bus mate". Except that it's utterly inane and has cost me my bio homework, which will now be done on thurday, provided I'm not in Manipal hospital for running 4km with two severly wrecked feet. I really did try to play soccer with a stone. Can you believe it?

- Shining off
- The sparkly shoe. (Avanti)
(You explain my obnoxious presence here, Guha. You explain).


Blogger a.v.koshy said...

change I cuss,i cuss to " I cuss & cuss" and go take hike to" go take a hike" and it's done. although the last line is a bit mystifying.

6:30 AM  
Blogger a.v.koshy said...

welcome aboard - in case you want one more suggestion - i presume you're from indus from the sarjapur ref. - spell choose as choose and not as chose - the rest of your experiments with lang being intentional, are perfectly fine and quite hilarious too - peace.

6:36 AM  
Blogger Why am I doing this? I have no time! said...

ah, I apologise...typos pass over my head...(fasinatingly I didn't notice the missing article in "go take hike", even though i read the line multiple times...but then again, I don't notice a chapati placed on my plate until I pick it up and eat it. haha. Dr. Koshy, (may I be as lame to say) you're a cool english teacher. And I'm from TISB, acronym of The Invidious Straight-Bashers (don't ask. Just, if you ever decide to teach here, which you shouldn't, really, be prepared to forgoe your heterosexuality). Mmm. My, don't I change topics? Well, i must go sleep, and my ankle's a lot better.

Karuna Reiki Rocks :-)

4:54 AM  

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