Everything Apart From Coloured Leg Warmers

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The trailblazer.

He'd always wondered why he'd been
born in rough terrain
where the Mountains towered like the Giants
in ancient, hoary Myths.

Then, one day, it struck him, like
a Bolt of wild lightning
that rumour had it, long ago,
had torn open a Gorge

That he was meant to
break down crags
and raze the Hills to Plain
till finally he stood upon
the rubble, rack and ruin.

The Blue Sky shining brightly down
upon the Land and Vale
for those who gently came after
to build their Haven Green,
raise up their Havens Green!

But not for him the Peaceful Lands -
He walked with Lions roaring.
The sounds of Battle were, 'tis said
what put him up to Song.
For he came in to clear up things,
To cut a swathe through Stone.

To clear a circle in the Wood
A/The Zone for/of the Fragrant/Harvest Green
Where the Shining City could be born
The Crystal City (, of) Morn


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