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Saturday, March 31, 2007

the chalice

the cup it's half full of life
& half of death
half empty
half full
the cup is half full of wine
half full of water
blood, sweat and tears
transformed into brandy, lime - cordial, beer
half filled with joy
one half of sorrow
it's the cup of love and hate
will you quaff it?
"won't you empty it to its lees?"
"the dregs too?"
"yes, the dregs too."
the cup Joseph hid in his brother's sack
it's the Holy Grail
it's the female vessel

full of fucking and abstinence or sexual frustration
the plastic cover that holds the drink
of bittergourd juice and neem etc …

that my colleagues like to drink for health

tankard, pitcher, gob-let, glass

container, call it what you will
it's all this perhaps and maybe much more

it's the last communion, the eucharist

it's the cup that Jesus asked would be taken away deo volonte
oh do not ask what is it
let's just go and empty it
fully, thee that we bless
o cup (verb) the elixir of youth and the fountain of bliss
in the ever-quenching, everlasting kiss of the cross


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